Translating opportunities into action

The third edition of SARSYC will appreciate the various opportunities presented for students and young people in Southern Africa and call on young people to translate these opportunities into meaningful actions for sustainable transformation of their sexual reproductive health outcomes. The conference shall also examine how to meaningfully engage and harness such opportunities with the aim of ensuring that no young person is left behind.

The Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on sexual and reproductive health (SARSYC) is cementing its place in the southern African region as a platform upon which students and young people in the region can transform their sexual and reproductive health challenges into positive health outcomes. SARSYC has reached various milestones since its inaugural edition in 2015. Having convened two conferences each with delegates representing eight countries in the region, SARSYC has gone on to represent young people from the region at other platforms such as ICASA. The SARSYC platform has enabled young people in the region to express their challenges and to highlight the need to invest in solutions to their challenges while also emphasising inclusivity in implementing these solutions. SARSYC goes beyond creating awareness on preexisting challenges to identifying opportunities and converting them into solutions. In recent times investments have been made to address the SRH challenges of young people in the region.

It is time to create meaningful strategies for action. Guided by global targets such as the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and Agenda 2063, the main focus of the third edition of the conference is to examine the ways in which these existing opportunities can be engaged and harnessed while also encouraging the youths in the region to draw upon their powers of innovation by creating opportunities for themselves. 

The third edition of SARSYC, in short, represents A CALL TO ACTION.

A CALL TO ACTION  to young people to determine the course of their lives and actively participate in conceptualising and implementing solutions to their problems while also holding duty-bearers accountable to regional targets on sexual and reproductive health

A CALLL TO ACTION to institutions of higher learning across southern Africa to create a conducive environment in which sexual and reproductive health and rights are realised for all students, and to commit themselves to developing youth leaders                             

A CALL TO ACTION to civil society organisations to fulfill their role as facilitators by making opportunities of growth and empowerment accessible to young people

A CALL TO ACTION to government and regional bodies to listen to the voices of young people, to prioritise their sexual and reproductive health and to involve them in decision-making so as to harness their leadership potential.

The third edition of the conference will fuel regional efforts which seek to ensure that there are positive health outcomes for students and young people in the region and to enable them to realise their potential.

Do not be left out as we shape the future of our region.

SARSYC III will encompass the aspects of sexual and reproductive health, the economic empowerment of young women, the role of student bodies in institutions of higher learning particularly in the context of leadership and the roles of governments and other partners in ensuring youth participation in decision-making.                                                  

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