The second edition of the Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on SRH (SARSYC) kicked off yesterday. The conference is being hosted by University of Johannesburg in South Africa from the 13th to the 15th of July 2017.

Over 300 delegates have gathered for this conference representing the student community, researchers, government institutions, parliamentarians, civic society organisations, policy makers and other interested groups and organisations. A total of 8 countries from Southern Africa are represented at the conference.

This year’s conference is being held under the theme, “Building a Business Case for a Solid Future through Access to Youth Sexual Rights, Health Services, and And Commodities”.


The theme follows the cue from the African Union Commission 2017 Theme for youth – “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investments for Youths”. SARSYC-SRH 2017 is thus strategically fashioned as a platform at which students and young people can co-create a business case to justify and argue for commitments and improved access to Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) services and commodities for the young people of Southern Africa. Such a broad vision shall be anchored upon student based researches and other bodies of knowledge which can help in building a business case for students to be realized as a priority target group.


The overarching goal of SARSYC 2 is to engineer a regional reflection, sharing, and planning platform based on students in Southern Africa’s encounters with SRH policy and programming practices in their countries. From these country experiences, SARSYC 2 aims to take steps and advocate for measures in SHR that can mitigate the possibilities of the anticipated demographic dividend from becoming a demographic disaster through lack of focus and investment in students education and SRH rights.

To that end, the convening of students, academics and other stakeholders critical to the education conversation in Southern Africa through SARSYC 2 will create a platform for the collaborative and consultative development of a business case for significant investment materially and non-materially into young people’s SRH

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13 July - 15 July 2017
University of Johannesburg- Institutional Office for HIV and AIDS (IOHA)


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