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The 2nd Edition of the Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on SRH (SARSYC) is being hosted by the University of Johannesburg, Institutional Office for HIV and AIDS (IOHA). Read below to know more about the host


The then Technikon Witwatersrand established the Wellness Centre in 2004. The purpose of the Wellness Centre was to promote, coordinate and implement wellness interventions for both students and staff, including for HIV and AIDS.

In 2005, the merger between RAU and TWR took place and the University of Johannesburg was formed. UJ decided that HIV and AIDS needed to be a priority and, as a result, the Institutional Office for HIV and AIDS (IOHA) was established in 2006. Its purpose is mainly to focus on student HIV and AIDS programmes at the University of Johannesburg. IOHA has since expanded and has staff members appointed across all UJ campuses. This was made possible through the financial assistance received from the EU/DoE/HESA/HEAIDS/UJ funding agreement in 2007.


“Serving with Excellence. Advocating for Sexual Health and Encouraging Positive Living’’


To be a Global Centre of Excellence in HIV & AIDS Management in the Higher Education Sector


Knowledge Creation, Mainstreaming and co-ordination of:Teaching, Learning & Community engagements


HIV Prevention, Sexual Health, Prevention & Care

  • Peer Education
  • HIV Awareness Campaigns
  • Mass HIV Counselling & Testing
  • Support Programs for People Living with HIV
  • Training & Research


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Facebook: UJ Institutional Office for HIV & Aids – IOHA

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Conference Date

13 July - 15 July 2017
University of Johannesburg- Institutional Office for HIV and AIDS (IOHA)


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For general information about the conference and registration, please contact us at:
  00263777 899 928
  (+27) 11 559 1054
  24 Jefferson Road, Logan Park, Hatfield, Harare