SAYSYC getting ready

SARSYC is such an experience. It is not just about the critical dialogue that ensue in each edition. It is more than that. The preparation itself is such powerful capacity building process for young people. Many life lessons learnt. Many skills developed. And what makes us at SAYWHAT more excited is the experience of working with dedicated young people who commit themselves to see the success of the conference without being driven by the pursuit of any financial gain. They see the benefits of participating in such a conference beyond what ordinarily other young people would. Such is the power of SARSYC.

Its 6pm right now. None of these smiling faces is looking forward to leave SAYWHAT premises anytime soon. Not until all the preparatory work is perfected.

This year’s conference is being held under the theme PLAN, PRIORITIZE & PREVENT! University of Zambia is the place to be

The first team is leaving Zimbabwe tomorrow. We wish them safe travels. More updates to follow. #SARSYC2019 is here. Feel it! Indeed it is here! #PlanPrioritisePrevent UNFPA – Zimbabwe SRHR Community Café Embassy of Sweden in Harare Hivos Regional Office Southern Africa Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference

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