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Mugota: SARSYC`s New Entry

SAYWHAT and partnership with the University of Zambia is hosting the 3rd edition of the Southern African Conference on SRH at Cresta Golf View, Lusaka, Zambia. The 3rd edition of the mega-regional event is running under the theme Plan, Prioritise, Prevent. Of significance is the participation of Mugota/Ixhiba Young Men`s forum representative for the first time since the inaugural SARSYC 2015. The participation of the Mugota/Ixhiba representatives signifies a new era of male student’s activism in the region. Historically young men have been vilified as perpetrators and perpetuators of negative masculinity and harmful cultural......

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LIVE UPDATE FROM #SARSYC2019. Lusaka, Zambia

07:15 Delegates have started registration and entering the venue07:30 Lots of excitement as more young people arrive at the venue, Taking selfies and having fun. 08:00 Registration almost complete, the venue is almost full, with more delegates expected soon O8:30 more delegates have arrived and the conference is expected to start soon O8:30 more delegates have arrived and the conference is expected to start soon 08:45 The smiles represent the summary of it all. Lots of enthusiasm as we wait for the conference to kick off in a few minutes 09:00 The......

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A day before #SARYSC2019.

So the long awaited Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on SRH (SARSYC) is here. Finally, it is here! It is just few hours before this 3rd edition of the regional conference kicks off. What has been happening so far… you probably want to know? But before the update, allow us to inform you that this year’s conference is being hosted by the University of Zambia. The actual Venue for the conference is Cresta Golf View Lodge, in Lusaka Zambia. Young people and policy makers form 9 Southern African Countries are......

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SAYSYC getting ready

SARSYC is such an experience. It is not just about the critical dialogue that ensue in each edition. It is more than that. The preparation itself is such powerful capacity building process for young people. Many life lessons learnt. Many skills developed. And what makes us at SAYWHAT more excited is the experience of working with dedicated young people who commit themselves to see the success of the conference without being driven by the pursuit of any financial gain. They see the benefits of participating in such a conference beyond what ordinarily......

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