International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)

2019 Marks the 25th year of the implementation 0f the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and its Program of Action (PoA). Instituted in 1994 the ICPD is one of the key platforms that placed sexual and reproductive health and rights amongst other issues as a global priority. According to UNFPA, at the ICPD, diverse views on human rights, population, sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and sustainable development merged into a remarkable global consensus that placed individual dignity and human rights, including the right to plan one’s family, at the very heart of development.

The African continent launched the Addis Ababa Declaration on Population and Development (AADPD) in 2013 which mirrored the ICPD in a contextualized manor to suit variables aligned to African societies in relation to population and development. African governments went on to produce a Development Index framework, outlining milestones and indicators to benchmark progress. In 2018 African Ministers of Health convened in Accra, Ghana to interface with the first African populated report tracking population and SRHR indicators. Given this context, it is important to acknowledge the interregional diversity, opportunities and challenges which can be the basis for reflecting on progress on the 5 main regional blocks in Africa.

Southern Africa, despite being disproportionately affected by various SRH challenges amongst its young people, the region has shown a lot of promising models and the 2018 AADPD report ranked most Southern African countries highly. The Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on sexual and reproductive health and rights becomes the opportune space for development partners such as UNFPA to interface with young people from the region and harvest outcomes from the 25 year implementation of the ICPD and the 5 year implementation of the AADPD.

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