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Africa: Three of the Most Used Contraceptives Don't Increase HIV Risk - ECHO Study

The ECHO study has found no significant difference in risk of HIV acquisition among women using one of three methods of birth of control that are used on the continent – DMPA, the Copper IUD and Jadelle implant. Doctors, activists and the audience have welcomed the findings but agree that women still need to have access to a broad range of effective and acceptable methods of contraception, as current levels are not ideal. The findings have also been hailed by the WHO  coordinator for the Human Reproduction Team, Dr. James Kiarie. He,......

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International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)

2019 Marks the 25th year of the implementation 0f the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and its Program of Action (PoA). Instituted in 1994 the ICPD is one of the key platforms that placed sexual and reproductive health and rights amongst other issues as a global priority. According to UNFPA, at the ICPD, diverse views on human rights, population, sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and sustainable development merged into a remarkable global consensus that placed individual dignity and human rights, including the right to plan one’s family, at the......

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