Monthly Archives: June 2018

Redefining youth platforms

What is a youth platform? Is it one that is constituted by young people? Is it one that is formed and led by young people?  Is it one that examines the issues that are faced by young people? Who is a young person? Is it possible for a non-young person to genuinely come-up with a platform that addresses young people issues? A youth platform should adequately answer all the questions asked above if it is to effectively comprehend and address the issues that are faced by young people. Indeed the real voices......

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Day Of The African Child

[envira-gallery id=”558″] SAYWHAT commemorated the day of the African Child yesterday at Midlands State University under the this years theme: Leave no child behind for Africa’s development. It was a colorful event as young people came dressed in their African attire and the main event was a thrilling debate between the out going NCC and the incoming NCC. #DayOfTheAfricanChild...

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